The Varieties

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Ducato” is a blend obtained from plants of varieties of moraiolo, leccino and frantoio, which grow on a mainly rocky and hilly terrain at an altitude of about 350m.

The Production

All the production stages are carefully controlled in order to preserve the natural characteristics of the fruit. The olives are harvested strictly by hand, between the months of October and November, when the drupes reach the right point of maturation, and the pressing takes place in the nearby mills within 24 hours with cold extraction and continuous cycle system.

The Properties

As for the organoleptic profile, the product appers green with golden reflections. The nose it’s very harmonious, with fruity and vegetal aromas, with clear herbal connotations. The taste is velvety and round, good fluidity and vegetal flavour, with a pleasant and very balanced hint of bitter and spicy, persistent and of medium intensity.

Use and Pairing

It is a versatile oil, suitable to most foods for its balanced taste. It is best experienced raw, it helps to enhance the flavors of rich and tasty dishes such as legume soups, game, grilled meats or fish, grilled vegetables, fish carpaccio, meat tartare, raw vegetables with dips on the side and fresh cheeses.